Ladyboy Kisses

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Ladyboy Kisses

Postby admin » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:48 am

So the other day I signed up to Ladyboy Kisses (LBK). Purely for research purposes, you understand :lol: .

LBK is pretty much the biggest ladyboy dating site around. There are shemale/tranny types of sites, but for the most part they're adult dating orientated, and not always good places to find girlfriends and longer term partners :twisted: . The other sites also have shemales from all kinds of countries, whereas LBK focusses on the best ladyboys of all - those from ASIA.

Although there are a few ladyboy members on Asian Love Connections (108 as I write this), there's a much larger choice available on Ladyboy Kisses. In fact when I joined the site there were over 10,000 ladyboy profiles!

LBK is pretty easy to sign up to and I filled out my profile in about 10 minutes. The site is free to use - so you can try before you buy, so to speak. Like most other dating sites you need to pay to contact the other members.

LBK has a great selection of LB's, although I thought there would have been more choice available in LB havens like Pattaya or Bangkok. In fact, most of the LB's on the site are actually from the Philippines. If you want to meet Thai LB's it's usually better to meet them in person than online. Thai LB's aren't generally so computer literate as their Filipina sisters, and they also have problems with the language barrier.

As far as quality of member go, LBK has some great LB's on it. I'll warn you that scammers are incredibly common - that's just a fact of life of ladyboy dating :( . Still, if you stick to the LB's who are in their late 20's/early 30's then you're much more likely to find somebody who is sincere and who just wants to settle down.

As a guy who loves Asian ladies, I must admit that I found some of the LBK ladyboys to be less than convincing as ladies. However, I do know that some guys prefer the less feminine looking LB's - it's very much a personal preference. Anyway, on LBK you'll find a great selection of pre and post-op transsexuals, flat chested and LB's with fantastic boob jobs that make biological girls green with envy :mrgreen: .

Ladyboys are pretty damned popular these days, so don't be too shy to sign up to LBK or Asian Love Connections! Most men are intrigued by LB's, although few will admit it openly :oops: . There are in fact twice as many men registered on LBK as ladyboys. Don't worry about these odds though. Most men just sign up out of curiosity. It's sad but I guess 80% of them will never visit Thailand or the Phillies. But if you're prepared to make the trip then you won't find it hard to get a ladyboy date. I can tell you that all Western guys are pretty popular in Asia. When I went to China I was able to log onto a Chinese dating site and arrange a date for that very same afternoon!

So if you're at all curious about ladyboys and want to move beyond just looking at photos and vids of them, then give Ladyboy Kisses a go!

And if you've had any good or bad experiences of Ladyboy Kisses, then add your comments to this thread!
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Re: Ladyboy Kisses

Postby Aubree » Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:38 am

Most of the girls on Ladyboy Kisses are from the Philippines (75%). I think the website has started to grow a reputation in the Philippines since the beginning, and even some of the staff are Filipinos. Word of mouth about the quality of the website, and it spread quick. Of course, Philippines is one of the country in the world that has the biggest population of ladyboys (with Thailand), but what makes it good is that Filipino ladyboys speak a far better English than Thai ladyboys...
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Re: Ladyboy Kisses

Postby Gladimeir15 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:58 am

Filipinos are eloquent speakers actually!!!! English is their second language... So if you'd like to chat with them, they can communicate with you clearly.... Not against with this site.... Respecting the idea of democracy... :)
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Re: Ladyboy Kisses

Postby MarkFromHolland » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:16 pm

I find the premium membership rather expensive, 150 euro/year, while ThaiFriendly's premium membership is only 90 euro/year. But if you want to meet someone from the Philippines, LK is the best site I guess.
Lately LK has technical problems. For instance you cannot view your matches due to database errors. Hope this will be fixed soon.
BTW, I am Mark (MarkFromHolland), new member of this forum.
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