Ladyboy Dating in Thailand

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Ladyboy Dating in Thailand

Postby Felix » Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:13 am

Thailand is known as the home of the ladyboy. So what are your options if you want to date one of these beautiful exotic creatures :o ?

Basically you have two options:

1. Find a ladyboy in real life
2. Use online dating

Ladyboys aren't too hard to find in real life :lol: . They're in most parts of Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket.

But two parts of the country that are especially good for meeting ladyboys are Bangkok and Pattaya.

If you want to go to Thailand for a relaxing beach holiday and also want some ladyboy action, then Pattaya is the place to go.

If city breaks are more your thing, then Bangkok is a better option.

In Bangkok there are three main adult entertainment areas. The best place for ladyboys is in and around Nana Plaza, Soi 4. This is also a great, central location for getting out and exploring the rest of the city. There's a BTS SkyTrain station at Nana.

A couple of guys check out the ladyboys hanging around outside Nana Plaza:


There are also loads of hotels in the area to suit all budgets. If you're booking a hotel then check it's girl friendly (i.e. they're OK with you bringing a girl or ladyboy back to your room). Most hotels in the area will be OK with this. They'll also help you by checking your ladyboy's ID.

Once in the area round Nana Plaza you'll find plenty of ladyboys in bars, and there are also one or two ladyboy only bars (which could save you the embarrassement of taking a ladyboy back to your room only to find out that she's a woman!)

Central Bangkok - clean, modern and a great place to look for tall and beautiful ladyboys:


If you're in Thailand for a vacation and only want to see what it's like to go with a ladyboy, then just finding ladyboys in bars or freelancers hanging around in the area is often the best way for instant gratification.

Just be sensible and take precautions. Most ladyboys in Thailand are quite tall and some are pretty muscular as well. Plus they've got plenty of testosterone. So don't piss them off :oops: !

Online Dating

Online dating of ladyboys is possible, but it can be frustrating and time consuming.

On the upside, it's easier to meet the many ladyboys who have normal, everyday jobs and who don't work in the sex industry.

So let's check out three dating sites:

First up, Thai Love Links is a very popular Thai dating site and should be your first port of call if you're interested in the Thai dating scene.

Like most other dating sites, Thai Love Links only has male and female gender options. So this is kind of confusing if you want to search for ladyboys!

Anyway, it turns out that ladyboys are hidden among the male and female members on the site. I found plenty of ladyboys that had registered as men. The downside here is that you have to change your requirements so that you're interested in both men and women. This is nasty because then you get emails from gay guys - and 99% of ladyboy lovers are definitely not gay!

The good thing is that ladyboys who have registered as men are normally totally open about being ladyboys. A big clue is that they'll say they're a ladyboy in their profile!
As to other ladyboys on the site, yes they're certainly hidden in amongst the women. However, I've not found many who are open about being ladyboys.

The best thing to do here is to initiate contact with any women who look more masculine, then hope for the best.

With time you can spot the ladyboys. However, I have to say that on the streets of Bangkok there are some very convincing creatures indeed!

One big clue is that ladyboys tend to be taller than biological ladies. The average Thai ladyboy is around 5' 6". Although this doesn't help too much because Thai ladies can also be very tall.

You'll find that few ladyboys are 5' 1" or shorter though, so its safe to assume that these are most likely biological women.

Thai Love Links is a very good dating site, especially if you're interested in dating women as well. But there aren't huge numbers of ladyboys on there.

If you're just interested in ladyboys, then Ladyboy Kisses is the #1 site for you. The Bangkok ladyboys on this site are pretty darned hot, and there's something for everyone. On the downside the site is a bit old and clunky. But membership quality is everything with a dating site, and Ladyboy Kisses doesn't disappoint.

MyLadyboyDate is worth a look but the site was new at the time of writing and there just weren't enough members to choose from.

Finally DateInAsia is a very popular Asian dating site. The main draw here is that it's free. However, I've found DateInAsia to be pretty disappointing of late. They seem to have had a purge of all the ladyboys who were on the site, and it's really only good for meeting Asian ladies.

Actually DateInAsia isn't even that great for ladies - I've still NEVER met anyone through that site.

You'll also find plenty of ladyboys on Asian Love Connections. However, they tend to be more from the Philippines than Thailand. If you've not yet booked your trip to Asia then it's worth thinking about visiting the Phillies - especially since you can now get a 6 month tourist visa rather than the 30 days you can normally only get for Thailand!

So that's your heads up on meeting Thai ladyboys. Good luck in Thailand :D !
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Ladyboy Dating FAQ

Postby Felix » Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:09 am

Ladyboy dating can be confusing, especially if you've never met a transsexual before.

I asked my friend Simon at if he could answer some questions relating to meeting lb's in real life...

First, up if you want to meet ladyboys, then which country should you go to? Thailand and the Philippines are the two obvious choices. I asked Simon if I should go live in Cebu or stay in Bangkok...

Cebu is a great place, I can relate, but it's small compared to Bangkok and Manila, I would find it boring to live there personally. Probably way more things to do in Bangkok, you did the good choice!

So if like me you have a low boredom threshold, then maybe Bangkok is the place to hang out.

Onto more dating specific q's...

What age of ladyboy is worth dating? I'm thinking of guys who want to date a chick who's still hot, but who isn't so young she's full of teen angst issues...

Very good question lol, except some idealists, I'd say you can't seriously date a ladyboy under 25... There are still sluts at older ages, but for the "decent" ones, those who like to have fun in their teen years like everyone, I'd say 25 is good, I wouldn't trust younger than this...
Age is maybe not the thing to look at. Rather, look at the type of life she has. If she is still a student, forget it. If she works in a bar or in the entertainment industry, forget it. If she has a "classic job" such as working in an office, she might be just 21 but that's already a good sign.
Kind of hard to say "X is the minimum age", but as a general rule, yeah I'd say no young than 25.

Thanks Simon - it's kind of what I've heard about dating Asian girls as well - stay away from anyone under 25!

And on the subject of ladyboys, how do you approach them - especially if you've never dated a ladyboy before? Simon says...

Depends. In bars and clubs you have high chances that hey're going to approach you, not the other way around. Try for meeting more serious ladyboys. Do you want to date bar girls? They're not the serious type... I have also a bunch of serious Thai ladyboys on my website. Approaching a ladyboy is pretty easy. Asians are not like girls in Europe, they're more open. Say hi to an Asian and she'll automatically smile. Compliment her look but be careful not to be just interested in sex!

So you heard the man - if you want a good lb, stay away from Bangkok's bars and clubs...


Ah, the old money issue. Should you pay your ladyboy girlfriend?

If your ladyboy girlfriend expects money, she's not your girlfriend. A lot of Thai ladyboys (or genetic girls as well) will expect you to support them. They're lazy asses, don't go for them. As they say in Thailand "no money no honey". I don't know for you but I don't want a honey who will leave me the day I stop paying. They are also decent ladyboys who proudly make their own money and don't expect anything from you but to be a genuine partner and not a player. Just being a good guy is already a lot for them. So many men just use them for sex, good guys are in demand.

Cheers Simon! And I'll also add that not all Thai ladyboys are lazy. I've seen plenty of ladyboys here with legit 9-5 jobs - there's one who works in a money changing place, and the cosmetics counter of my local supermarket has a couple of very attractive ladyboy assistants.

Remember, buy your ladyboy gf gifts - even plushies - but never get involved with the whole money giving thing...


Who knows - there could be plenty of other Thai ladyboys with legit jobs, but often they're so feminine looking that it's kind of hard to tell them apart from true female Thai women.
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Different Types of Ladyboy

Postby Felix » Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:33 am

OK so my dating of Thai ladies hit a dry spot, so I thought I'd try chatting to a few ladyboys.

I hit one up on Thai Love Links. She looked kind of cute. In fact, she looked extremely feminine indeed.

So imagine my disappointment when I got this email back from her:


How disappointing - a definite ladyboy fail here. Maybe I could have dated her, then ended up with a reverse-ladyboy surprise :oops: .

I've since found out there are many different types of ladyboy. I've seen examples of them all while living in Thailand.

Femboys are just guys who like to wear make-up. Maybe sometimes they'll put on a frock, especially at weekends. There's a femboy who works in my local supermarket. He just wears make-up and false eyelashes, but otherwise he wears guy clothes, at least when he's working.

I guess Femboys will really appeal to gay guys, or maybe straight guys who are into cross-dressing and transvestism. They're not really of interest to guys interested in ladyboys, not least because they don't tend to have breasts.

There are a heck of a lot of femboys and gay guys on a site like Thai Love Links. Just be aware that there are genuine femboys, and others who just see all those bar girls earning $1200+ a month and think it's a great way to make 4-5x as much as they would working on a construction site or driving a bus.

Next up are non-op ladyboys. They might have breasts after taking hormones, and they might even have had a pair of false implants put in - lord knows plastic surgery is very popular in Thailand. They will however still have their male genitalia, unless they're one of the rarer types who were born male but with female genitalia.

Non-op ladyboys are generally the most popular with guys seeking Asian ladyboys in Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines.

Lastly there are post-op ladyboys, such as my example above. These are usually the most feminine looking. However, they will probably also have had surgery to make female genitalia.

I guess some guys are interested in these ladyboys, but guys who are usually want a longer term relationship with a ladyboy.

Sometimes non-op ladyboys will call themselves pre-op ladyboys. They might well be saving up to get full gender realignment surgery. If you want a long term relationship with a ladyboy who wants female genitalia, then make sure you're OK with her choice, otherwise think very carefully indeed before getting involved with her. I'll also remind you that this kind of surgery is expensive and risky.

So dick or no dick - make sure you chat to the right type of ladyboy who suits your dreams.

Incidentally, on MyLadyboyDate you can see which type of ladyboy you're chatting to. So you avoid the surprise I got on Thai Love Links :oops: !
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Re: Ladyboy Dating in Thailand

Postby Gladimeir15 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:52 pm

Ladyboy nowadays make a challenge to the girls as they are little by little became more competitive in capturing mans heart. The bottom line is that you cannot teach your heart whom to love. ;)
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Re: Ladyboy Dating in Thailand

Postby MarkFromHolland » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:31 pm

My comments to these two options: 1. Find a ladyboy in real life 2. Use online dating
It is not difficult at all to find a ladyboy companion in real life when you are in Thailand. It is more that the ladyboys are looking for you than that you have to look for them. But if you have 'special preferences' such as bdsm it is better to use dating sites, chat with several members on the site and be open about your desires. This way you have better chances to meet someone who shares your preferences.
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