I was deceived American husband.

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I was deceived American husband.

Postby star1marriage » Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:23 pm

Good time of day, all those who have opened this page. I want to share with you my bitter

experience in a relationship with a foreign man, but first get acquainted. My name is Rita. I am a lady

tender age of 20, with a curvy shape, but without the excess fat, with bright

brown eyes and long black hair that covered his knees. Unfortunately, even

having the same juicy relief benefits, no one is safe from me unpleasant emotional

wounds ...

The marriage agency I checked 7 months ago. For whatever reason, you ask? All

very simple! The first failed marriage and subsequent unsuccessful relationship with him

several men popular with me. Secondly, my mentality, but also higher than the average IQ

rules that do not quite like the Slavic "gentlemen." And thirdly, I do not nationalist.
! My country - beautiful land, love it and want to live abroad!

Fate brought me together with an attractive thirty-five American Tony. rewrite

we have about three months with all vytaivayuschimi this entails, ie the transfer of

contacts and telephone conversations ...

Finally came the long-awaited moment of the meeting. There was a meeting in the small, cozy café.

Along in the most beautiful dress, causing "combat" the coloring, I was before my eyes

elect. He was crazy, showered me with compliments, gave bought in America set

cosmetics from "Dior", and lodged a delicious dinner, and then we have successfully got rid of the interpreter,

imposed by the agency, and went for a walk in the center. As I said, with all the brains I have

in the manner and with the English language perfectly, I'm friendly, so there was no problem in communication.

After a nice day time, my gallant gentleman put me in advance

paid taxi, tentatively agreed to meet the next day, in the evening.

In general, we walked with him for a week: all traveled to Odessa, looked

sights set just rest on the beach and doing shopping (but nothing

Do not think of the different types of additional gifts I refused, so I'm very

Tony liked).

And so, in one of the warm evenings in a cafe on the waterfront, my dear boy offered me his hand and

a heart. It was very bright, a large bouquet of roses, ordered the old man with a violin and a white

box with a gold ring.

A few days later I was introduced to Tony with his parents and two days later he moved to

my apartment and we had a first sex. I tell you - it was great! I fell in love

very much!

Tony joined the company of my friends easily. Immediately struck up a business relationship

with two of my classmates and decided to do their business in Ukraine related to the

quality clothing from Europe. I did not mind, especially since all the questions on this subject

could control my parents, who had extensive experience in the opening of stores,

two of which are owned by the father until now.

A month later, I narrowed my left, and I was left to plan the wedding. Thirty days passed

imperceptibly. And here is my American guy came back. Of course, there were kisses and

arms, and happiness, and joy, and a lot more that still makes me blush a little ...

But the case, there is the case! Tony brought several folders with documents and in 3 weeks (with the help of

my dad and my classmates) in the heart of the city, a new shop, 'Clothes from

Tony". All were very happy, and I include myself in, it's not an idiot some getting married and

per person, motivated, hard-working!

My dear often began to fade out of sight, but I understood everything - work. Therefore, as a faithful

future ally was waiting for him at home with a delicious dinner and a warm bed. Then Tony ill

mother, he was forced to leave, and the wedding was postponed for 3 months. At this time his store

flourished. Although from my family services future husband refused, but in business it helped him

familiar, it is not clear from grafted, Turkish friend Hakim, already a citizen of Ukraine. is he

hire staff, pay taxes, pay people, goods supplied, in general, do all that

I should be, so I'm not worried and did not intervene.

Once, walking along the long promenade, it seemed to me that I saw Tony, who

I am sitting in a bar with a rather beautiful blonde. But this could not be true, because before it

arrival was a little less than two months. How not to talk about it bitterly, but I like a thief

crept to the above institution, quietly sat down at the table and extreme ...

Yes, yes ... It was my future husband ...

At first I was dumbfounded, then I found the 1000 variants of why he did not tell me that is coming, and

after that…. Everything was like a dream ....

Quietly standing, I went to a couple of cute cooing and grabbed her hair blonde ...

Start a fight! I dragged everyone: the bartender, waiters, Tony. But nothing, I clutched

trash and tore it into "parts", that is, as she could, and beat.

This was followed by a deafening slap. To whom ..) I, of course! And from whom? From

American groom! And the words spoken in English, they buried me alive.

"Bitch, do not touch my wife! I you do not have to, go out ...! "

Tony pushed me so that I scored my knees. How to get home - I do not remember. Three months is not

out of the house. Then, a little depression has passed, but there was a deposit. Some time later

learned that the former would-be husband married soon after opening his store, that is,

during the planning of "our wedding", he was already ringed. No mother he and

however, did not like his father, they got in a car accident. Anyway, with that blond girl

He talked for a long time, in the same way through the same marriage agency, from which by the way I went.

I thought a lot about myself, my life, about finding a foreign husband ...

I still can not understand, or country of residence changes the mentality of Europeans, they felts

just not as perfect as everyone is talking about it. But just know, in a marriage, I no longer leg.

A couple of weeks flying to Los Angeles, I was invited to work as a freelance

correspondent, and we'll see how the rest, but to look for a husband's will specifically if

fate - it will happen!

P.S: Although my story is very sad, but I hope it will help those naive girls,

girls, women, who are eager to get the groom foreigner. My dear, to be

sure - always check!

Sincerely, Rita more than happy!

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Re: I was deceived American husband.

Postby Gladimeir15 » Fri May 06, 2016 1:10 pm

Hello Rita...Thanks for sharing your experience here. You really cannot trust someone you have not known your whole life. It also doesn't mean that you can trust someone you have known for so long. Much more if were talking of giving your heart and everything valuable to you. Good that you knew as early as that before he promises you more and keep on lying about his marriage. As I understand you had move on already. Good for you. May you find your true man soon...
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