Gold Membership now needed to contact ladyboy members

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Gold Membership now needed to contact ladyboy members

Postby admin » Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:45 am

I've made the decision to implement a membership fee for Asian Love Connections.

The site is now 2 years old and it's time for it to stand on its own two feet.

It's still completely free to join, and it's free to contact Asian ladies. However, there is now a modest charge ($10 a year) if you want to contact the many ladyboy members of the site.

I made the decision to charge because:

  • It costs significant time and money to run a dating site.
  • I need to raise some capital to invest in mobile technology.
  • Having so many ladyboys on the site cuts my advertising options, since Google and other mainstream advertising providers consider ladyboy related sites to be adult themed.
  • Charging a membership fee shows our female and ladyboy members that you're more serious about finding a partner.
  • Charging a membership fee goes a little way to showing our female and ladyboy members that you don't just have tumbleweed in your wallet. Our ladyboy and female members are wanting to meet you in person, so they need to know that you have the financial means to go and visit them some day.
  • If you pay for something, you're more likely to use it.

Asian Love Connections is still the lowest cost ladyboy dating site out there, and is still way cheaper than either Ladyboy Kisses or MyLadyboyDate.

The good news is that I do intend to plough the profits from the membership fees back into advertising the site, so you'll have an even bigger selection of profiles to browse through. And if the site generates more income, I'm far more likely to be able to spend time enhancing it. So far this year I've built the trip reports system, and the lady/ladyboy quiz.

Happy dating :D .

P.S. If you're genuinely short of money and/or have time on your hands then there are free Gold Membership plans available. To get your hands on one you'll have to look around this forum and the site's blog for news on how to qualify.
Find love at Asian Love Connections. Join today to find your special somebody.

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