5 Ways of Making a Living in Asia!

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5 Ways of Making a Living in Asia!

Postby admin » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:35 pm

Go to Asia a few times, and trust me, you'll be itching to go and live there on a more permanent basis.

Live in Asia and you'll have wall to wall women wanting to marry you, and plenty of opportunity for P4P if that's what you prefer.

Seems like every man's dream, right?

If only it was so simple!


The main problem is to live in Asia, you need MONEY. And making MONEY is pretty fucking hard these days.

So here are 5 ways of making money in Asia:

  • 1. Teach English. Seems obvious, and it's what most guys do if they want to earn some hard cash in Asia. You'll find it easier to teach if you're a native English speaker, have a degree, and are below the age of 50. It also helps if you're white :shock: . For best rates of pay teach in China, Japan or South Korea. You might also find work in Thailand or Vietnam. Give it a miss in the Phillies, although you might find a gig teaching English to Japanese or Korean students. To earn the best rates, you need to teach private tuition classes. To get these gigs, make a name for yourself and you'll never have a shortage of students.
  • 2. Do your day job, remotely. Well I tried this but my boss wouldn't agree to it :twisted: . If you work in IT, law, architecture or some paper pushing job that can be done remotely, then you can always ask! Of course it's helps if you work in a field where there's a skills shortage and you're bloody good at what you do.
  • 3. Find a job in HK or Singapore. These city states are always seeking talented expats, especially in fields like IT, finance, management and other white collar roles. You might also find jobs in Tokyo or Shanghai, although these are more likely to require fluency in a foreign language.
  • 4. Start a business. It's entirely possible to start a business in Asia. It's not easy, but many expats in countries like Thailand or the Philippines are living this particular dream. You could start your own bar in Pattaya, but just remember that you have 20,000 other bars to compete against. You're probably better off focusing on a niche skill you have (are you an architect for example), and selling Western standards of work to wealthy Asians.
  • 5. Make money online. OK so this is possible, but it's bloody hard work and harder than it looks. Give it a go, but don't expect your blog about your barfining adventures to earn you enough to live in Bangkok :cry:

If you know any other ways of making money in Asia, then post them below!
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Re: 5 Ways of Making a Living in Asia!

Postby miicky » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:10 am

How can I make money when I live in the Philippines?
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Re: 5 Ways of Making a Living in Asia!

Postby kingceltik » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:47 am

miicky wrote:How can I make money when I live in the Philippines?

make sure you know how to make money online, or stack some cash to invest on a business in phillipines... i am filipino by the way..

by the way if you want to make money online pm.. i can help you... i know how internet works and its system...
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Re: 5 Ways of Making a Living in Asia!

Postby Aussie toy boy » Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:09 am

Is it possible make living in Asia either Cambodia Thailand or China
I can supply references in field of horses from hoof maintenance handling young horses breeding basic vet care
Specialising in hoof care basic saddle repairs riding skills
From school of indeginious equestrian science of better horse man ship
Have bought sold horses cattle butchering
Also music can read music teach play guitar banjo or in field of bar work
A reply would. E appreciated perhaps in conjunction with selling drinks with love music is a thought
Yours truly Aussie toy boy
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