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Studying in China

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:00 pm
by admin
If you want a Chinese wife, then it's a good idea to live in China for a while. This makes it much easier to choose your ideal lady, plus weed out all the gold-diggers, etc. etc.

Plus it's a damned good experience!

One way of living in China is to study in China. Go back to University, and you can easily get an X Visa that will allow you to live in China, plus come and go as you please without having to keep re-applying for a visa.

How to get started...

Go to this website:


On here you'll find an easy to use interactive guide to all the courses you can apply for in China.

Recommended are the part-time Chinese language programmes. These typically run for 15-20 hours a week, leaving you plenty of time to go out and about. Many Universities run these, as they're really for foreigners (mainly from Korea) who want to study in China, but need to learn Mandarin first.

There are a lot of Universities in China. I'll recommend Sichuan University in Chengdu. This is a great place to learn Chinese, and it's also a cheap city.

Guangzhou has many Universities, most of which are very good indeed.

Beijing is another option, but the weather is fairly hostile so be careful with this one.

Finally Wuhan University has a great reputation. Wuhan is very cheap to live in, although the climate is a little hostile (especially in Summer).

If you're a white collar guy and have some savings, then I can also recommend the business degrees, particularly the MBA programmes. These cost less than half you'll pay in the USA, Canada or UK. And studying international business in China will be your gateway to a heck of a lot of opportunities in the global jobs market :o .

Studying Chinese in China

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:11 am
by admin
OK here's more information on studying Chinese in China.

As you might know, it's actually quite hard to get a visa which will allow you to come and live in China. So if you're interested in finding a Chinese wife then studying Chinese is one possible option open to you. This kills two birds with one stone:

1. It allows you to get a visa to enter China legally.
2. Learning Chinese helps you chat to Chinese ladies, especially those who might not speak any English!

I'm now a month into my Chinese course.

So is it worthwhile?

It's definitely an interesting way of spending time in China. I get 10 Chinese classes per week, with three different teachers. So it's fairly intensive, but not too much that would overload my brain. The classes are structured so that there are two each day, with a short break in between. I alternatively get mornings and afternoons off so I have all the time in the world to do some exploring.

On the downside, well I'm learning Mandarin Chinese in Guangdong Province. This Province is a Cantonese stronghold, and as a result there isn't so much Mandarin being spoken in everyday life. In fact there are so many languages being spoken here that it's mindblowing at times.

As an older guy, I also feel a bit out of place in my class. Still, I don't think I'm any worse of a student - if anything I'm probably one of the better students.

With hindsight I guess I'd have fitted better into the role of English teacher rather than Chinese student. However, I'll carry on my studies for the rest of the semester, and will try and achieve at least a HSK 1 level of Chinese language knowledge.

As far as the dating goes, well I've only had 2 dates in about 5 weeks of being in China. I've been quite busy sorting out my apartment and all the other things associate with moving to a different country. Hopefully I'll go on some more dates soon. But even living here and being surrounded by beautiful women, it's just so hard to chat to ladies who are quite shy and also don't often speak your language. I still have no idea how to meet girls here, so I'm having to keep using Chinese Love Links. Dare I say it - if you're a man in a hurry to find love then sign up to Asian Love Connections and get chatting to one of the many English speaking Filipinas on the site :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !