Living in Thailand

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Living in Thailand

Postby admin » Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:57 am

Of all the places I've lived in Asia, Thailand offers the best living experience for Western people.

So what's it cost to live here?

I live in central Bangkok, less than 3 miles from Asok/Soi Cowboy/Nana. My studio room in a condo that also serves as a hotel is 10,000 baht a month. I also have to pay for electricity and water. Last month that amounted to around 700 baht. Expect to spend more if you put the aircon on all day - I barely use it as I'm fairly acclimatised now.

The hotel has free wifi, a pool and a few other amenities. My room has a Western style bathroom (sadly no bath), TV, big fridge with built in ice box, sink and microwave oven combo thing.

They also have a 15,000 baht all inclusive deal that includes room cleaning and all utilities. But unless you're too busy to put a mop round, or you want the aircon on 24/7 it's not really a good deal :lol: .

Cheaper condos are available if you want to live further from the centre, in a more rundown place, or you're prepared to sign a 6 or 12 month lease.

If you want to buy a place to live in then you'll find condos from around 1.2 million baht to 5 million baht and upwards. LOCATION is everything as far as condo prices go.

All I'll say is that property prices are pretty darned attractive here compared to back home. Just be aware that buying property overseas can be risky, so do plenty of research first.

As far as living expenses go, I tend to spend around $25 a day. I tend to spend a lot on food. Once you've been here a while then you can find much cheaper places to eat.

Shopping mall food courts are a good place to eat, with many dishes available for around $1. It's possible to eat for even less. But you'll find that really cheap dishes are basically just rice with shrimp paste, or meat/fish shavings and a bit of onion and chilli.

There are plenty of home comforts in a place like Pattaya, like this English pub:


Beer isn't that cheap in Thailand, it was significantly cheaper in China.

Your money is always welcome in Thailand's many beer bars:


Healthcare can be expensive here, particularly if you're used to free healthcare in countries like the UK and much of Western Europe.

Transportation is expensive in Bangkok if you want to rely on taxis or the metro/skytrain service. Buses tend to be cheaper, but traffic is a nightmare here:


Places like Pattaya have cheap trucks that drive around and you can jump on the back. But it's kind of hard to know where they're going. Which is actually much the same with the buses in Bangkok since they don't have any English signage :lol: .

Another thing to bear in mind is that Thailand has a two tier economy - stuff aimed at tourists and stuff for locals. Tourists sights like theme parks and elephant rides are expensive. But there are plenty of things you can do cheaply or indeed for free.

Other stuff can be much cheaper if you shop around. For example, I've seen mens' haircuts offered for 300 baht and also as low as 50 baht.

It's also possible to shop around and save money with groceries. However, unlike back in England there's much less price difference between what a convenience store or a big supermarket will charge for your groceries. The best value places I've seen in Bangkok are the small independent supermarkets. I just bought a floor mop in one for 53 baht, whereas MaxValu and Tesco Lotus were selling them for around 200 baht.

Where you can also save money is finding a frugal Asian wife or girlfriend. My Thai girlfriend's apartment costs a quarter of what I'm paying. And she was astounded that I paid 1500 baht for some medicine and a consultation at a Bangkok hospital. I gather I could have got the same much cheaper elsewhere.

Of course if you also have a Thai wife/gf then you can have plenty of home cooked food. Although street food is so cheap I'm not sure it would be much cheaper to cook stuff at home.

By far your biggest expensive in Thailand could be entertainment. If you like the idea of meeting bar girls and want a lot of fun then this will cost you a lot more. It's very easy to get carried away here. And many Thai girls have no money, so you'll be paying for absolutely everything :lol: . Just be disciplined, and be prepared to say No a lot.
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Re: Living in Thailand

Postby whusa » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:50 am

Thanks i like the idea of living in Thailand soon
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