Travel to the Philippines to find a wife or girlfriend

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Travel to the Philippines to find a wife or girlfriend

Postby Emeritus » Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:24 pm

Over the past 20 years I have made about 8 trips to the Philippines (PI). This long story has a good ending, at least at this point. Finding a wife or girlfriend was always my main objective, although I also enjoy the water sports at the beaches. I have visited over 50 countries worldwide. PI is a very easy place to visit as most people know at least a few words of English and it is very easy to find university educated women who are almost fluent in English. I have found Cherry Blossoms to be the most productive dating website. I was only a victim of crime once and that was when money was taken from my wallet in my hotel room by a woman on my fourth visit to see her. I was careless and on that one time did not lock my wallet in my suitcase when I took a shower. (Most of my money was in my safe deposit box at the hotel's front desk.)

An important thing I have learned is that it is not necessary to travel all over PI to meet interesting ladies. Enough live in or near Manila or Cebu that you can avoid the logistical difficulties and expense of traveling among the islands. Cherry Blossoms lets you specify the cities of the women whose profiles you want to see.

I am an educated professional man who lives in North America. On my first trip to the PI to meet women, about 20 years ago, I was in my forties. I did not use a dating service, but visited restaurants which had reputations of being gathering places for Filipinas who wanted to meet international visitors. I easily found an apparently compatible, attractive young lady barely half my age. I went back to see her four times. I looked into bringing her to my country and marrying her. As part of that process I found that she actually had two children, not the one child whom she claimed. I had also met the other child, whom she passed off as her niece. That deception and the theft, which I discovered when I got to the airport to go home and found a $100 bill missing from my wallet made me realize that she was not appropriate.

I wanted a Filipina wife, so I went on Cherry Blossoms when it was still in print format. I found about eight women all over PI whom I thought it worthwhile to meet. I had eliminated many more and had exchanged several letters with each of the possibilities. I went to great inconvenience and moderate expense to travel around PI to meet them as I had not yet learned to concentrate efforts in one city. I saved the potentially best one for last. Again I made the mistake of choosing someone about half my age. We spent the second night after we met together and I took her on vacation to an adjacent island which had good beach resorts. We spent a week together. I obtained a visa appointment for her at my country's embassy, but she wrote to me and told me that she wanted a younger husband.

Then I married a woman of my own (Caucasian) background in my own country. When that marriage ended, I decided to try PI again. Now I knew to stick to women only in Manila. More Manila ladies responded to my online Cherry Blossoms profile than I could handle. In my first online chat with any lady who seemed interesting, I asked for her phone number. I had obtained from my phone company a calling plan in which calls to PI were less than 15 cents a minute in my country's money. So I called each interesting woman during the first chat so I could find out her spoken English skills. I compiled a list of several potential women, but made a date with only one of them.

She has a university degree and is about ten years younger than I. She promptly appeared in the lobby of my moderately priced central Manila hotel. I took her to dinner in a nice, but not particularly expensive, restaurant nearby and within ten minutes we had taken to each other. She returned to my hotel with me and I took her on vacation to a beach resort for three wonderful weeks. We chat online very frequently and I will return to see her again in a few months. If all goes well, we will marry eventually, but not until we have known each other for at least two years.

1. Use Cherry Blossoms as you can restrict your search to residents of one city.
2. Restrict your area of search to Manila, or possibly Cebu.
3. Select women who speak English well by using the phone early.
4. Get lucky in your choice and if you are not, move on. Never give the name of your hotel to a woman until you make a date to meet her in its lobby at a particular time and never have a date planned with more than one woman, but put the others off by telling them that your arrival plans are still not definite. You do not want more than one woman at your hotel at the same time. Filipinas seem to be even more jealous than North American women.
5. Plan to visit your chosen lady at least 5 times before getting definite about marriage. Make sure that you have common interests outside the bedroom, but also make sure that you and she are compatible in the bedroom. Visit her home and meet her family. Make sure she accepts whatever arrangements you choose about supporting or not supporting her family, which may include her brothers, sisters, and parents.
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Re: Travel to the Philippines to find a wife or girlfriend

Postby kingceltik » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:22 am

thanks for the info..
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