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Thai Love Links

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:34 am
by admin
Post your experiences of Thai Love Links in this thread.

There are a few Thai women on Asian Love Connections. However, if you're specifically interested in Asian women from Thailand, then Thai Love Links might be a better site for you.

I joined this site in 2010. At the time I'd had problems with a Chinese girl and I wasn't sure if a Thai woman wouldn't be a better choice of Asian bride for me.

Thai Love Links has some nice attractive ladies on it. Yeah, there's one heck of a choice of Thai bride here :D .

I never upgraded my membership to Gold or Platinum. In the end I decided to persist with Chinese ladies. But even with Standard membership, I got plenty of interests :o .


Have you had any experiences of using Thai Love Links? Is it a good dating site? Did you have problems with scammers? Post your story below...

Re: Thai Love Links

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:08 pm
by Felix
Seems the posters over at Stickman Bangkok are right - it's definitely getting harder than ever to find a decent woman on Thai Love Links. Pretty much given up on the place of late - found my latest Thai gf on wechat.

So anyway, I logged into Thai Love Links and found I'd got an email from a Thai girl in her early 30's, never married, and with some nice photos of her at her degree day (with her parents by her side).

Yet in the first email she sends me, she writes:


I guess her account could have been hacked into, but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I'm far to old to know how to have sex on Skype. In my day people would have sex by taking their clothes off and jumping into bed :roll: .

Seen crazier shit on Thai Love Links? Post it here!

How to Get Loads of Dates from Thai Love Links

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:58 am
by Felix
OK here's my system for getting loads of dates from Thai Love Links...

I used this system to meet 5 girls in 4 days from this Asian dating site*.

*One girl brought her cute friend to meet me!

If you prefer Filipinas to Thais then this will also work on a site like Filipino Cupid.

You can also use other dating sites, but you'll need to use a site with a lot of members and good tools for helping you to manage the numbers of girls you'll be hitting on. And for this the Cupid Media sites are just perfect.

Hmm, maybe it will also work on Chinese Love Links. But it works better in Thailand and the Philippines which are both awash with cute Asian girls who want to meet foreigners.

The Groundwork

First of all, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

If you're intending to visit Thailand for a week or two and just want a girlfriend experience, don't bother with online dating.

Believe me, it's a waste of time if you're in Thailand for a short time.

In my first two weeks in Bangkok, I only managed to date one girl :oops: .

So if you're here for just a week or so, then you're far better off just going to a bar and finding a short time girlfriend.

If you like young girls, go to a gogo bar.

If you like older women, just go to a bar full of escorts. In Bangkok's Nana district there are many such bars. There are other good spots along Sukhumvit Road - the road that runs right through the centre of Bangkok.
Nana is also good for ladyboys, if you're into those and want a short time ladyboy girlfriend.

Be wary of the freelance girls who line Sukhumvit and other parts of town. Some are pretty rough looking and sometimes they've been barred from bars for being too aggressive or have other issues.

If you want a long time girlfriend, then you really must find a way to stay in Thailand for at least 3 months, preferably longer. Then this method I'm about to reveal works very well indeed...

The System for Finding Dates in Thailand

Sign up to Thai Love Links (or Filipino Cupid for Filipinas) and take out a Gold or Platinum membership.

Work hard on your profile. Upload 5 good photos, answer all the questions and put some thought into your profile. Actually it doesn't matter what you write - the girls probably won't read it. But having lots of photos and plenty of text shows your more serious.

Right, once your profile is looking good, then it's time to get spring cleaning...

If you already have a full membership, then log into the site and clear out all of your My Favourites and empty your Mail Inbox.

Don't worry about trashing your favourite ladies. If you haven't met them by now, then the chances are you never will. Just let go - new ladies sign up every single day!

Now we're going fishing...

But first of all, if you have a good idea what type of Asian girl you like, then fill out My Matches in terms of age, height and whether she could already have kids etc. etc.

Also it's very important to stick to one location such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai etc. etc.

The bigger the city, the more dates you'll get. Simple as that :lol: .

Now unless you've already dated a few Asian women, it's often a good idea not to be too specific at first. Once you've met a few then you'll know whether you prefer tall or petite girls, and there might be a few other things that catch your eye.

Thankfully there are so many Thai Love Links members in a city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai that you can afford to be pretty specific.

Anyway, after entering your requirements you can now search through My Matches and find some women who interest you.
What I tend to do is sort through 10 pages of My Matches, and open the profile of any girl I like the look of in a new browser tab (assuming your browser has tabbed browsing capabilities).

Sometimes (twice a week?) it's worth changing the default sort order of My Matches so that you see the Newest Members first. New members are very important since they'll be more enthusiastic, and maybe they've never even talked to a foreigner before. Just a word of caution that new members are more likely to be scammers, since nobody else will likely have reported them to the site's owners. Also DO NOT talk to any new members who haven't uploaded photos.

Anyway, it's only really worth browsing through ten pages of My Matches. After that, you can go through and look at the profiles that you've hopefully allowed to open in new browser tabs.

First thing I do is click on a girl's photos and weed out any who don't look so good after all :o .

A girl loses points for being very overweight or having tattoos or being pictured drinking in a bar :x . I award bonus points for cute stuff like teeth braces or a killer pair of legs :D .

After that it's worth having a look through her profile, although I tend to just go on her photos. After all that's generally what's most important to a man. And since I live in Bangkok it's easy for me to go on a date and weed her out based on what she's like IRL.

Now here's my trick...

If I'm interested in a girl, I don't add her to My Favorites and I don't send her an Email... UNLESS she's exceptional.

What I do is simply to send her an Interest.

So in a single session I'll maybe send out 10-15 interests. Then I go to bed and wait...

You'll find that a few girls will express interest back. This is what you're looking for. If a girl shows you interest back, or sends you an email, then you know you're not completely wasting your time.

When a girl sends me an interest and I like her, then I add her to My Favorites. I'll also send her an email. The first email is just very short - I just ask her if she lives in Bangkok. Thai ladies do move about a lot, and you're wasting your time if she just happens to have quit her Bangkok job and has gone back to Issan.

After that I'm angling for their LINE ID or WeChat or Whatsapp ID's (or phone number) so I can chat to her and see if I can arrange a date.

So that's pretty much my strategy on Thai Love Links. It will also work wonders on Filipino Cupid.

The good thing about this is that you keep your list of favourite ladies free for only the best prospects. And it's also a good method for rooting out the girls who could actually be genuinely interested in you.

One final thought... don't pursue women. If you're not making progress, choose another.

Good luck :D !

Everyone's a Ladyboy (on Thai Love Links)!!!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:25 am
by admin
Back from almost a week spent in Pattaya and I now have a better understanding of what ladyboys *really* look like.

Well, many fooled me :lol: .

And they're fooling me online as well. And if they fool me, they can fool you :shock: .

So I guess I've had to revisit the whole how do you spot a ladyboy on an online dating site like Thai Love Links (TLL)?

This thread was prompted by the fact that a friend of mine pointed out that the cute 19yo University student I'd been chatting to on TLL was, in fact, a ladyboy.


I took another look at the first 20 members in My Matches. Of these 20, only 11 were definitely women, 2 were guys, 2 were definite ladyboys, and 5 I wasn't sure about.

Now I'll say at this point that I don't have anything against ladyboys. In fact Asian Love Connections has many ladyboy members, as well as plenty of guys who want to chat to them. You can also find ladyboys on the ladyboy specific dating sites such as Ladyboy Kisses and MyLadyboyDate.

This is OK, but what if you want to actually date a biological female from Thailand?

Spotting Ladyboys on TLL

I've had a look through a lot of My Matches on TLL to see if there's an easy way to spot ladyboys. There's no sure-fire thing that can identify them, but below are some clues to look for.

  • Ladyboys tend to be tall. Especially when they put on a pair of killer heels. However, I've been too reliant on this characteristic. Thai ladyboys who are only 5' 3" are actually quite common on TLL.
  • Ladyboys are harder to spot when they're below the age of 24.
  • For me the face is a giveaway. Ladyboys just look more masculine.
  • Wary of appearing masculine, many ladyboys airbrush their photos to make them look more feminine. However, the giveaway is that their profile photos look too smooth - think of that shapeshifter who appeared in the Star Trek Deep Space 9 series.
  • Photoshopping their photos often seems to make their eyes look more rounded (i.e. caucasian).
  • Hip action - ladyboys don't have such big hips as women.
  • Younger ladyboys tend to be less open about their sexuality. I suspect this is because many are registering for TLL and pretending to be ladies in order to get guys to send them money, or maybe they're just experimenting with their new female form :roll: .
  • Ladyboys can find it hard to get good jobs in Thailand, despite there being something like 0.9% unemployment here. Typical jobs a ladyboy might do are working in a shopping mall, a hair salon, or being a student (if aged 8-23). They're also quite likely to say they're Self Employed.
  • Ladyboys will often say they're looking for older guys, so look for young girls who say they want to meet anyone from 18-50 or 18-80.
  • Ladyboys often say they're Not Sure about having kids.
  • I guess girls are more likely to have puppy fat, especially if they're still in their teens or early 20's.
  • Of course a ladyboy won't have a baby, and they're less likely to be separated or divorced.
  • The biggest giveaway is the voice. Chat to a girl on Skype and you'll soon know for sure if she's a ladyboy or a real lady.
  • If you like a girl but you have doubts, then ask her! Although I've seen a profile stating that the girl is sick of guys asking her if she's a ladyboy! A not unreasonable question in my opinion, as she does rather fit the bill in my opinion.

One final thought - if you suspect somebody is a ladyboy, then they most likely are a ladyboy :lol: .

Psycho Relatives...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:00 am
by admin
OK just a heads up that very occasionally you might find a girl on Thai Love Links or another site mention issues relating to RELATIVES/FAMILY MEMBERS.

Just got an email from a girl who told me she wanted to date guys, but her uncle didn't like the idea. In fact he wanted to accompany her on a date.

Please, please, please... if you get an email like this, break off all further correspondence with the girl.

You also don't know anything about the girl's past. Maybe this uncle was banging her. It happens. And it's best to stay out of tricky situations such as this :o .

It's also true that not all Asian guys are OK with farangs/foreigners dating locals, especially family members. The best thing you can do in a country like Thailand, China or the Philippines is have absolutely no contact with the men in the country. Date ladies. Ignore men.

Safe dating guys 8-) .

P.S. It's not unknown for an Asian lady to bring a chaperone out on a date. I've had this happen to me twice. It's usually bad for the guy, after all we often end up wining and dining two people, not one. And in both cases I've fancied the chaperone more than my date :mrgreen: . So if somebody wants to bring a friend, try and pursuade them that it's in nobody's interest for them to do so. I guess the exception is if you're dating a girl who doesn't speak English and she wants to bring an English speaking friend along. But again, you'll inevitably fall for the translator, or she will fall for you and tell you fake stuff like your date doesn't like you :lol: .

Re: Thai Love Links

PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:40 am
by Felix
A reminder that if you're using TLL then you should be aware of some of the typical scams that can be found on there:

TLL scams.

Safe dating guys 8-) !

Re: Thai Love Links

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:22 am
by admin
If you go on any Asian dating site then sooner or later you'll come across a lady's profile like this one on Thai Love Links:


Yes, racism is alive and well in Asia :roll: .

If you see a profile such as this one, then don't get all steamed up, just move on and find another lady to chat to.

Much racism in Asia arises from the fact that minority guys aren't too common in much of Asia. And there are some minority guys here in Asia who are all too conspicuous and become notorious for all the wrong reasons. In Bangkok there are the African dudes who hang around Nana Soi 3 and Sukhumvit. I had a run in with a couple, they're not pleasant at all and not a good advertisement for Thai ladies interested in dating foreigners :roll: . But then again I've seen white farangs doing totally stupid stuff that brings shame upon us all.

I'm Popular on Thai Love Links Tonight!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:27 am
by admin
Tonight I was really pleased to log into my Thai Love Links account and see this:


Wow, 20 new interests in a single day. I'm a popular dude!

Sadly once you whittle down the men* and the old grannies and the ladies who don't actually live in Bangkok or wherever you want to meet ladies, that usually means 20 interests are more like 4 genuine prospects.

Still, it's nice to feel wanted :lol: .

By the way, I'm interested in hearing how many interests YOU get when you log into one of the Cupid dating sites.

*If you're interested in ladyboy dating then you have to allow men to see your profile. This sadly leaves you open to invitations from gay guys and guys who aren't gay but will take one for the team in the pursuit of baht.

Thai Love Links and Cupid Site Redesigns

PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:37 am
by admin
Just logged into my Thai Love Links account and noticed that the site has been redesigned a bit. Anyone else seen this? Presumably Filipino Cupid and Chinese Love Links are getting makeovers as well. Funny because I was just doing some planning for a major Asian Love Connections redesign.

All I've seen so far on Thai Love Links is that the saved searches and search form have been tweaked.

A bit change is that you can now search for ladies in multiple countries. But how useful is this really? Most guys seeking Asian wives know exactly which country they want to visit ladies in. Maybe apart from me - I'm such a mess of confusion :lol: .

I just wish they'd address a few other niggling issues. Like the "girls with tattoos" search doesn't actually work, and neither does the search on vital statistics :oops: .

Love Links/Cupid Dating Sites Hacked!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:22 am
by admin
A reminder that the Cupid Media dating sites were hacked into earlier this year and many user account details were stolen. This data leak hasn't been widely reported :o .

If you are/were a member of any of these sites (Thai Love Links, Chinese Love Links, Filipino Cupid) etc. then change your passwords anywhere where you used the same password as you did on the Cupid dating sites.

And be alert to scams and bogus offers coming your way. I'm pretty sure my details were used to send me spam which had my password in the subject field. That made me look at the email, as I could recognise my password.

More information here: