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Asian Women - Are They Superior to Western Women?

Postby admin » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:42 pm

So are Asian women better than Western women? And why do so many American and other Western guys seek Asian women anyway? Post your opinions in this thread.

First of all I'll say I have absolutely nothing against Western women. I like Asian women, and I'm not alone in liking them. Actually I like pretty much all women, but I think Asian women are the best.

I guess a lot of American guys are rather put off by the ever increasing size of the local women...


Contrast this with a country like China, where the majority of the women still have figures like this:


If you like women with hot figures then it is of course possible to find hot Western women:


Of course the chances of you being able to date a Western woman like this are probably slim to none :roll: .

Being less superficial for a moment, there's a lot more to like about Asian women:

  • Asian women seem to take more of a pride in their appearance, and they rarely smoke or drink (women of Chinese descent especially).
  • Asian women will stand by their man, and support him when he's right. Witness Wendy Deng Murdoch defending her husband when he got attacked by a crazy man in 2011.
  • Asian women rarely do the whole get married-have a kid-sleep around-divorce the man-live off the man's income while living with another man thing that so many guys fall victim to these days.
  • Asian women are very family orientated, and will lavish time and attention on bringing up your kids.
  • The majority of men who marry Asian women really worship their exotic brides.

Well that what I think - feel free to post your own opinions in this thread.
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