Suitable Gifts for your Asian Girlfriend

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Suitable Gifts for your Asian Girlfriend

Postby admin » Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:53 am

If you're visiting your Asian girlfriend for the first time, or you've lined up some dates from a dating site, then what gifts should you bring to Asia?

When I visited my first Chinese gf for the first time, I had no idea what to bring her. It ended up a bit of a mess.

Well we certainly learn from our mistakes.

Now that I've grown more experienced in dating Asian ladies, I've perfected my technique of gift giving. It's based on three things:

  • Disposable gifts that can be thrown away and forgotten if your date doesn't like you!
  • Gifts that a girl can take home and share with her family (family approval is really important!).
  • A gift that will impress a normal girl, but might discourage a gold digger.

With that in mind, the best gift to bring an Asian lady is chocolate! This is really the only gift you'll need to bring to Asia. Chocolate is great for an Asian lady to share with her friends and family. And if your relationship doesn't work out then she can eat everything that reminds her of you (not that Asian women are particularly sentimental when it comes to holding onto keepsakes).

Chocolate is lightweight and easy to pack in your case. You can buy it in your own country. And Asian women nearly always love chocolate. Asian chocolate is for the most part rubbish. So bring some high quality stuff from Switzerland, Austria or France. Of course if you can find some specialities that are from your region of the world then so much the better.

If you're visiting Asia at a particular time of year, then seasonal chocolate is also a great find. Easter chocolates (cute rabbits and chickens) goes down a storm with Asian women :lol: ! I once took some Easter chocolates to a Chinese girl. She gave them to her cute 5yo niece who lived in a small city where Western goods were hardly ever seen. Wow, her niece was so impressed with the chocolates, she took them to bed with her :o .

I've also heard that Filipino women go crazy for Toblerones. Is this an urban myth? Well if you're visiting the Philippines then try it out and report back here with your findings!
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