Divorced Asian Women - Worth Dating?

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Divorced Asian Women - Worth Dating?

Postby admin » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:09 am

Sign up to any dating site and you'll find all kinds of women. Divorced and separated women are particularly numerous.

So are they worth dating, or are you better off with previously unmarried women?

Feel free to add your thoughts to this thread.

I personally think that the divorced ladies are worth a look. I've chatted to some very wonderful divorced ladies on both Chnlove and Chinese Love Links. Divorced ladies are often very attractive, since there's no way men were going to leave an attractive woman on the shelf.

It's always a good idea to try and find out why their marriage ended. In many cases though, it's because they ended up marrying a jerk. I feel particularly sorry for the women who got married in their early 20's and their marriages didn't last :( .

I also know that Asian men often "trade up" or swap their wife for a younger model. My friend's Chinese boss got rich, then he swapped his wife for a much younger model :shock: .

One thing I've noticed in China is that divorced or widowed ladies don't often consider looking for another husband. So you might have to work harder to find really good divorced ladies, since they won't always consider joining a marriage agency or dating site. Although online dating is convenient, Asian people still usually meet their partners through mutual friends and friends of friends.

If you're chatting to a single mom, then it's worthwhile saying that you don't mind that she already has kids. Asian men tend to avoid women who already have kids, whereas Western men are usually OK with helping raise another man's kids. So you'll get many boyfriend points for being attentive to her needs :) .

One warning though - beware of SEPARATED ladies. Make sure the women you're talking to are actually divorced. Not least because you don't want any trouble from a lady's current partner :twisted: .

Divorce in Thailand or China is a formality, so there shouldn't be any reason why you're talking to a lady from either of these countries who hasn't got her divorce papers. Divorce is much harder to come by in the Philippines. For that reason it's best to avoid chatting to Filipinas who are separated, as you really don't want to get involved in a long drawn out legal process.
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