Most white people spread some serious hate about Asians

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Most white people spread some serious hate about Asians

Postby Zionosis » Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:58 am

Well I am a white man myself and like Asian women but I notice that white people in general try to spread as much nasty sh*t about Asians to get you away from them. Especially white women making up crap about Asian women.

For example I notice many white women claim that Asian woman only like white men to send money back to their poor families.
I am not denying that cases like this haven't happened, but it's usually an old gullible man marrying some young Asian woman (usually only knows basic English) from a poor country (Philippines or some poor part of China).

The worst is that I see white women apply these cases to all Asian women. So marry a woman from Japan for instance and these white women still claim this, marry an Asian woman that's a bloody citizen in your country as well as her family and these white women still claim this.

It's very clear that white women want to make white men think Asian woman are horrible gold diggers but if we look in reality most of the gold digging is actually done by white women and in reality a man with just an average job can get a nice Asian woman who likes him, where as it's usually harder for him to get a nice white woman because most are gold diggers.

I notice this a lot, I live in Australia and depending upon what type of Job you have determines how attractive your white wife will be. lol.
But on the flip side I notice that if you are a 7/10 man in looks and just have an average job you can get a 7/10 nice Asian woman that will like you. Of course the white woman will give you foul looks but that's to be expected.

White women also claim that Asian women want out of their "crappy" countries and that's the only reason they marry a white man. How does this make sense with all the Asian woman that are already citizens that marry white men? How does this make sense for Asian woman that come from countries that are arguably better like Japan, Hong kong, Singapore.

Also white women claim that Asian women will marry you for citizen ship and then divorce you. But statistics say otherwise for white men that marry foreign women (mostly Asian), The divorce rate for American men that marry American women is 57% with women initiating most divorces and here in Australia the statistics are similar. The divorce rate however when American men marry foreign women is only 20%.
So what all these white women are saying isn't true no matter what angle you look at it. Of course lets be honest. White women aren't going to say "yep we are shi*t and gold diggers and will divorce you at the drop of the hat, go get a foreign woman if you want a real relationship" of course they aren't going to say that, lol.

I also notice that in general Asian woman have higher intelligence than white women and that Asian women generally make more sense than white women because of this. With white women a lot it sometimes feels like you are talking to a brick wall and that understanding isn't something they possess. lol

Some white women are smart but the general white woman seems quite unintelligent.
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Re: Most white people spread some serious hate about Asians

Postby kingceltik » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:38 am

i agree with you... most of all white women appears intelligent but the opposite at the back..
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Re: Most white people spread some serious hate about Asians

Postby Gladimeir15 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:36 pm

Maybe there are a few but not most...To the white women why not ask yourself as to why white men go and marry Asian ladies instead of white women?
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