Another Day, Another Failed Date...

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Another Day, Another Failed Date...

Postby admin » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:58 pm

Another day, another failed date...

While a Western guy can do well in Asia, again and again I'm reminded that dating is never easy in ANY country. It takes time, money, and yet more time :roll: .

Tonight I dated a lady who was in the top 5 of ladies I've ever dated. She was definitely an 8.

But I don't think she wants to see me again.

I've come to the conclusion that ladies want to date men who are as attractive as they are. Which is tough for attractive women (9's and 10's), since guys who are 9's and 10's can date any girl they choose.

But guys want to date the most attractive girl possible.

So what happens is that if you date a girl who is less attractive than you are, she ends up becoming CLINGY. Date a girl more attractive than you, and she won't stick around unless you really flash the cash.

The answer? Date a girl who's as attractive as you are.

This is the reason why so many couples seem to look like each other. It's as true here as it is back in my native UK. In fact, I've even seen a lot of guys in Thailand who come and find part-time girlfriends for 2 hours or a 2 week vacation. And in a lot of times guys actually choose bar girls who look a little like they do, even though they're quite different races.

Well after dating over 50 different Asian women from 6 different countries, that's my theory anyway.

And next time you're out and about, look at how many couples you can spot who look like each other :shock: :shock: .
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Re: Another Day, Another Failed Date...

Postby Gladimeir15 » Sun May 01, 2016 5:55 am

Unfortunately, I have not tried any online dating yet. I think patience is very important when you are in online dating. :)
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