Asian Dating for Older Dudes

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Asian Dating for Older Dudes

Postby admin » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:11 pm

If you're an older guy, then which country is it best to find an Asian wife or girlfriend from?

OK, let's look at the options. Which are:

    South Korea

Japan and South Korea are great places to live, but they're kind of expensive. I've never dated South Korean women, but I found Japanese women to be very hard work. Which isn't what you want if you're an older guy.

Laos is too small to really consider - there just isn't the choice of women there.

Myanmar is just opening up to the outside world, so dating women from the country will be a world of mystery.

Cambodia is popular with older guys who like real young girls :roll: . Maybe it's like Thailand, but with even stranger expats :shock: . If you do go there, then maybe keep it to yourself as friends and family could be suspicious as to why you're going there...

Taiwan could be an option if you're interested in older, more mature Asian women. It's a good alternative to China, if you're suspicious of the communist government there. Taiwan can be an expensive place to live though, and some Mandarin would come in useful.

Which mainly leaves the four best options: China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

If you want a much younger girlfriend or even wife then the Philippines wins hands down. Finding a much younger woman is not without risks, but if you're prepared to take those risks, then the Philippines is a good choice of destination.

The Philippines is also becoming a much more desirable retirement destination. The political situation seems much calmer now, and there are some very welcome developments such as the new 6 month tourist visa. On the downside it's not nearly as safe as the other three countries.

China definitely has the best choice of older Asian women. Smoking hot 35-50 year old women are very easy to find there :lol: . The downside is that it can be a difficult place to live, indeed I only lasted four months there before moving onto somewhere that could offer a better quality of life.

Thailand offers the best quality of life for any foreigner wanting to live in SE Asia. The weather's good, the food is exceptional and living standards are good. For older dudes there are a load of home comforts, from English newspapers, Western style bars, to world class health care. On the downside it's got a heck of a lot more expensive recently, so don't crunch your numbers based on any pre-2012 cost of living in Thailand website!

Thai women are great company. The downside is that it's very, very difficult to find good women. Is it a good place to find a wife? I'm not sure. But it is a good place to find a girlfriend.

Vietnam is potentially a good half-way house between China and Thailand. Vietnamese food is way better than Chinese food. Vietnamese women are very attractive - maybe the most attractive in all of Asia. The downside is that English isn't too widely spoken, and this is still very much a frontier country.

So those are a few options for you - if you have any questions then register for the forum and post your thoughts here...
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Re: Asian Dating for Older Dudes

Postby Aubree » Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:18 am

Beautiful part of today’s dating is that there is more choice than ever. Choice of where we meet our partners, how we meet them, and knowing that we don’t have to settle for the sake of finding a life partner just because we hit our dirty thirties...
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Re: Asian Dating for Older Dudes

Postby Gladimeir15 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:47 pm

Oh I see, so many options where to spend the retirement benefits... But for sure Phillipines will still be the best to venture on.... ;)
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