Age Range and Dating Chinese Ladies

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Age Range and Dating Chinese Ladies

Postby admin » Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:18 pm

So what's it like dating the various different ages of Chinese ladies?

First up 18-24 year old girls aren't really worth bothering with. They're very young and really not that mature. If you're over 30 years old yourself, then leave these younger girls alone, they're only trouble!

If you're still in your early 20's yourself then really you're probably better off focusing on your career and getting yourself established in life than contemplating marriage to these young girls.

25 year old Chinese girls can be OK but it's still quite rare for a girl of this age to be seeking marriage to a Western man. Also they're still pretty young. I dated a 25 year old Chinese girl and after our date she went off to buy a hamster. That really drove it home to me that perhaps she was a little young for me.

:idea: The 28 - 32 age range is perhaps the best age range to seek out, especially if you're interested in having kids :arrow: .

All the time I was living in China, I saw a heck of a lot of police cars, but practically no ambulances. China is advancing, but medical care there is still behind that in Western countries. And it's also expensive. So most Chinese women tend to have children when they're still in their early to mid-20's.

If you don't want kids, then it's good to seek out Chinese women in the 35-38 age range. Look for women who don't want kids, or who already have kids but are sufficiently old enough that they're nearly independent.

After that it gets increasingly easy for an older guy to find a single Chinese lady who is still in her mid to late 30's.

Older Chinese women are also worth considering. However, just bear in mind that it's harder to change your life the older you get. In particular, it seems very hard for older women to learn English. While not a problem if you want to go live in China, just be careful if you want your new Chinese bride to come live with you in your country.

As a British dude I now have to make sure that my prospective Asian bride can learn enough English to pass an English language test. Without that my chances of getting her back to the UK are remote!

Whatever age of Chinese lady you're interested in, the good news is that whatever her age, she'll no doubt be way hotter than any Western women of the same age :lol: ! I met an Asian lady on wechat recently. It wasn't until the 2nd date until the subject of our respective ages came up. Well it turns out she was actually 32, I thought she was 26 :D .
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