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Thai Ladies

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:11 am
by admin
Post anything relating to Thai ladies in this thread :D .

First Impressions of Thai Online Dating Scene

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:14 am
by admin
Here's my first impressions of how easy it is to find a nice Thai girl through online dating. As a Western dude living in Thailand, I've done the hard assed work so you don't have to waste your time or money.

Which Dating Site to Use?

There are a few Thai dating sites. Which site you use isn't that important - many ladies have profiles on several sites anyway.

Thai Love Links is the biggest and best known site aimed at Western dudes seeking Thai brides.

Thai Love Lines is another reasonably big site.

DateInAsia is worth a quick look but in 5 months of living in Asia I've NEVER met a single girl from this site. All in all a big waste of your time, even if it is free.

If you're more interested in the ladyboy scene, then head over to Ladyboy Kisses. This site is full of really attractive lb's, and at least you don't have to piss around trying to figure out if you should be looking for transgender people in the men or the women section of the site!

If you're interested in Thai as well as Chinese or Filipino ladies, then sign up to a site that has ladies from more than one country. Cherry Blossoms or Asian Dating are two of the best sites for pan-Asian dating.

Online Dating is Hard Assed Work!

One problem with online dating is that it's really hard work to get dates sorted out.

Two weeks into my Thailand trip, and I'd met a grand total of 1 - yes 1! lady through Thai Love Links. It wasn't through lack of trying as well - I pretty much spent 3-4 hours a day following up leads, showing interests, sending emails etc. etc.

Well that was a lot of work, and if you're just in Thailand for a couple of weeks and want a girlfriend for the time you're there then to be honest it's better just to find a bargirl. Just don't fall in love with her long time. Stickman Bangkok is full of thousands of examples of guys who did just that, and it rarely works out for the best.

Finding GOOD QUALITY Thai Ladies

How to find good quality Thai ladies on a dating site? By good quality I mean marriage material.

Based on my own experiences of Asian dating sites and meeting good (and not so good) Asian ladies IRL, I'd say you need to avoid:

  • Anyone below the age of 26.
  • Anyone who has a tattoo.
  • Anyone who smokes.
  • Anyone who drinks.
  • Anyone who divorces under the age of 30.
  • Anyone who is self-employed or unemployed.
  • Anyone without a photo in their profile.
  • Anyone not actually living in Thailand.
  • Anyone with "party girl" type photos in their profile. By this I mean holding a drink, wearing a sexy dress or being photographed in a party environment.

The good news is that there ARE good girls in Thailand. But they'll take a bit more finding than they will in a country such as China.

Good luck with your Thai dating experience! Post comments or questions below...

Re: Thai Ladies

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:27 am
by Felix
Useful advice admin.

No good comes of talking to dating site members who don't have photos in their profiles.

Just ignore these members...


Thai Tomboys/Toms/Lesbians/Chaperones

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:08 am
by admin
I want to write something on the subject of Thai girls and their girl friends.

While I was living in China I saw a lot of girls holding hands with each other. This is just a cultural thing. It doesn't mean that they are lesbian lovers or anything. Still, it's kind of cute.

Things seem more sinister in Thailand though. So if you're interested in dating a Thai girl, then you must do some due diligence and avoid anyone who is or could be a lesbian.

In Asia lesbians (as well as gay men) will marry heterosexual partners, just so they don't lose face in the eyes of their family. So don't fall into the trap of allowing them to marry YOU!

In Thailand I've been hearing a bit about lesbians. They're often called tomboys, or toms for short. I guess there's a whole lot I don't know about them. What I do know is that if you date a girl who has a tomboy lover, then you're potentially in for a heap of trouble.

Thais can be crazy at the best of times. Lesbians especially so:

Anyway, why should any of this concern you or I?

I'm mentioning this issue because two girls I've dated in Thailand have brought female chaperones to meet me. This is kind of OK for the first time. In fact it happened to me when I was dating in China. However, I never recommend it because in all but one case I've actually felt more of an attraction to my date's chaperone than my date :roll: . So it's bad for my date, and it's also bad for my wallet having to pay for an extra mouth to feed :lol: .

But what's happened in Thailand is that I've actually had my dates bring chaperones to the second date. That's kind of scary. In fact, both girls have friends who look, er, rather lesbian-ish.

Are they best friends, or "best friends"?

So I think from now on I'll instigate a chaperone is a huge red flag rule, and I recommend you do the same. Especially in Thailand.

In my case, one girl's friend left us alone while she went shopping. That was OK by me. But the second one brought her friend to our second date then went to a restaurant with me. Actually I did something terrible on this date...

Following an incident earlier in the week when I got stung for a 1850 baht bill for feeding my girlfriend's entire family, I was rather wary of restaurants and multiple guests. So when my date and chaperone started piling mountains of food on our table I kind of questioned how much it was all going to cost. Well suffice to say it was one of those :o moments, so I walked out on them. A terrible thing to do, but I'm really starting to get sick and tired of being regarded as a walking ATM machine.

The Hazardous World of Thai Dating

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:31 am
by admin
God almighty, dating in Thailand is very hard work.

I know many guys go to Thailand first when they get the idea of finding an Asian wife.

Actually I went to Japan first, then China.

I'd say that China is the easiest place to find a wife, with the only major issue being the language barrier. Thankfully though, there are huge numbers of English speakers in China. You'll find them on China Love Links and China Love Match. Especially amongst the girls under the age of 40.

Maybe the Philippines is better. Maybe not. I've never been there (yet). I guess the Phillies would have the same problems as I'm gonna write about here. But at least there's no language barrier.

But Thai dating has so many hazards that don't really exist in other countries. Here are just two of the many hazards here :shock: !


OK so I've pretty much given up trying to identify ladyboys on Thai Love Links. They're just so freaking hard to spot.

I've been called out a couple of times now by accusing a woman of being a ladyboy.

Well the good thing is that since I'm in Thailand then I can just meet the woman and know for sure. Or can I? Yesterday the two hottest girls I oggled in Bangkok's Terminal 21 shopping mall were both ladyboys :lol: . Well they didn't fool me as I've lived in Thailand for a while, but they might have fooled a new visitor who has a head full of jetlag and a stomach full of beer.


Sure, there are hookers in all countries of the world. But it's much more likely you'll encounter a hooker on a Thai dating site.

Hookers aren't always single moms with tattoos and a drinking problem. Although many are :( . Many of the freelancer hookers I saw on Pattaya's Beach Road were girl-next-door types.

There's also a lot of Thai girls who do a bit of side-hooking if they need the cash to pay the rent, or an unexpected bill. Maybe some do it for kicks as well.

I once chatted to a TLL girl who worked in a hotel by day, and did a bit of freelancing by night. Thankfully her drinking alerted me to her bad girl status. Good Thai girls don't drink alcohol.

Re: Thai Ladies

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:50 am
by admin
More on Thai dating...

Well I'm slowly going nowhere really.

The big, massive problem with a site like Thai Love Links is that ladies are glued to the site, but it's fricking hard to actually meet anyone off the site in real life :roll: .

I guess the ladies in the site fall into the trap of "there's always someone better".

But the biggest problem with Thailand is that:

a) Good ladies are always in work :roll: .
b) Bad ladies have more spare time, but they're bad ladies :twisted: .

Of the many, many, many, many Thai ladies I've chatted to, the majority work 6 days a week. So effectively that means I only have a single day a week on which I can meet them. Hell, I talked to one lady - she worked 7 days a week. Yeah, good luck finding a husband, that's all I'll say :cry: .

Sure there's the possibility of evening dates, but ladies seem more reluctant to do this. Firstly many work stupidly long hours: 07:30 to 6:15 and 08:00 to 20:00 are two real life examples I can think of. So after this they're really only fit for going home and falling asleep. Secondly, Bangkok is a bitch of a city to get round in the evening rush. Thirdly, Thai ladies hate travelling - I dumped one girl after she refused to get on a bus and travel 20 minutes to my local shopping mall. Hell, why should I visit her all the time :roll: ? There's nothing to do in her neighbourhood.

Well if you've got time on your hands then you can sometimes get girls to meet you, but it's not easy.

So are there any alternatives?

Of course you can chat to pretty shop assistants you might see in everyday life. But then you have exactly the same problem - they'll usually be working extremely long hours.

One type of lady has plenty of time on her hands - the bar girl or hooker. If you're in Bangkok for a short vacation then the best way to find a girlfriend for your trip is to go into a beer bar in Nana or Sukhumvit and find a girl there. But if you're marriage minded would you really want to go down that route? And even if you're not, I'll warn you that the beer bar girls are very fun and attractive, and it's incredibly easy to fall in love with them :oops: .

Re: Thai Ladies

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:40 am
by Aubree
Well, Thai ladies are beautiful.

What Do Thai Ladies Want in a Man?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:39 am
by admin
What do Thai women want in a man?

I came across this Thai Love Links profile:

1.Tall than me 2.older than me 3.white than me 4.honest and respondsibilities 5.want to married and want to have children 6.have true love 7.don't lie to me to travel, see movies , have dinner, sing a sing ... and make activies with me 9.friendly with my parent 10."Foreigner only" ...not thai guy

Maybe a little crazy, but there's some interesting stuff here.

In general ladies nearly always want men who are TALL. That's pretty much true in any country. Don't worry if you're not particularly tall yourself, just date petite women :lol: . In Bangkok as it is elsewhere, it's incredibly rare to see women walking around with men who are shorter than they are. The only exception is Amazonian tall women, who can struggle to find men who are taller than they are :cry: . Plus men with ladyboys of course. Most Bangkok ladyboys start at 5' 7".

As for age difference, most ladies seem to prefer men who are 2-3 years older than them. Maybe stupid Hollywood cougars are the exception, but their toyboy relationships never seem to last long :lol: .

On the white skin thing, yeah Asian ladies love white skin. In fact most cosmetics and soaps and stuff here come with skin whitening ingredients. Whereas back in farangland a lot of stuff has built in tanning compounds :oops: !

On farang-only clauses you see in womens' dating profiles, I'm always suspicious of this. It makes me suspect gold diggers and visa hunters. Sure, a Thai man might have been a jerk but are Western men any better? Be careful of women who only date foreigners, especially if they're under the age of 30.

As for the rest, well ladies here in Thailand say they want honest and reliable men who don't lie. But I'm not sure who they're kidding - if a suave ladies' man comes along then they'll be all over him :roll: . To be honest I thought Chinese women had more sense when it comes to choosing suitable life partners.

Here's the lady's profile again:


Are You Too Serious For a Thai Lady?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:14 am
by Felix
Five months in Bangkok and I've had a lot of dates, but I have to say that things haven't been as successful as I would have thought.

So is it me, is it Thai women, or am I simply in the wrong country for my personality type?

I found this to be of interest, from Stickman Bangkok:

...It has been my observation that the Western men who have problems getting to know Thai women are those who are intense, or who are so serious that they scare away fun-loving women....

Read more here:

Thai women *are* fun loving. I knew it when I was in China, and I know it now I'm living in Bangkok. It's kind of borne out by academic standards and intelligence. Of the four smartest women I've dated in Bangkok, 1 was Vietnamese, one Burmese and one Filipino. Yeah, that's pretty telling.

So to improve my success with Thai women I need to show my fun side. And I do have a fun side. Last week I partied so hard with ladyboys, Indian dudes, Cambodians and Australians in a Sukhumvit bar that I had to take 4 days off from drinking any more beer Chang at all :cry: .

Of course the other option is simply to find a wife where they treat life a bit more seriously themselves. And for that a perfect country springs to mind - China 8-) .

And dare I say it but Chinese women are way hotter than your average Thai woman, and smarter to boot.