Are Asian Women All GoldDiggers?

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Are Asian Women All GoldDiggers?

Postby admin » Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:43 pm

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A lot of guys ask this question: are Asian women all gold diggers?

Why do they ask it? Well for the most part, men seeking Asian brides tend to be older, previously married guys. Often they've paid a big financial price for that first marriage.

So naturally they're cautious!

Anyway, it's been my experience of dating Asian women that the answer to this question is both YES and NO.

It all depends on the woman.

In this respect, Asian women aren't really all that difference to American women, Australian women or women from any other country.

Spotting Asian Gold Diggers

Thankfully, Asian gold diggers are fairly easy to spot. In time you'll be able to spot them from their dating site profiles. So you can weed them out before you venture as far as actually meeting them.

I should at this point say that golddiggers aren't necessarily a bad thing. Many men do like trophy wives, and Asian trophy wives are simply awesome :lol: . I dated one once, and she's still one of the best ladies I've ever met :P . But just remember that to land and keep one of these women you'll need a never ending source of money.

So spotting golddiggers...

In general, golddiggers are well dressed, and in their profile photos they'll look very fashionable. Often they'll be sporting a designer handbag, which probably matches their outfit.

Golddiggers like to give the appearance that they have money. In reality, they'll usually be spending somebody else's money.

There are some very wealthy women on Asian dating sites, especially Chinese women. I've dated one or two. But without exception, self made women tend to dress very modestly, and their huge bank balance isn't readily apparent.

When you're with a woman it's dead easy to tell if she's a golddigger. Just keep an eye on your expenditure while you're with her. When I was in China, my bank balance was much more rapidly depleted by some of my dates than it was with others! One girl spent my money so rapidly I had to go to the bank to exchange more currency into RMB. Funnily enough, this has only ever happened with one girl.

Happily I can report that golddiggers aren't too numerous in Asia, and there are plenty of decent and frugal ladies. Many girls I've met have only wanted me to buy them dinner, and some fruit to keep them going.

I've also met a couple of women who have bought me dinner. It hasn't happened that often (in Asia the man is very much expected to pay for everything), but it's nice when it does!

Finally, be aware that golddiggers LOVE dating sites! The local men can spot these girls a mile off, so they often look for new "victims" on dating sites. You have been warned :twisted: !
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