Asian Women Meeting You in Your Country

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Asian Women Meeting You in Your Country

Postby admin » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:37 am

If you're chatting to Asian women on a dating site like Chinese Love Links or Blossoms, be wary of women who say they can travel to meet you in your country!


There is an incredibly common scam going round. The usual story is that a lady will book flight tickets to come visit you in the USA, Canada or wherever you live. Then she'll call you from the airport and say there's a problem. Needless to say the problem will be resolved by you sending her money.

Well of course you're never gonna see those dollars again!

Look, generally speaking, Asian women CANNOT travel to the USA, Canada, Australia or any other Western country. Your immigration authorities simply WILL NOT allow a single, lone female traveller to come to your country.

Now having said that, there are rare exceptions:

  • BUSINESS LADIES can sometimes get visas to travel overseas. If you're dating a Shanghai or Beijing executive business woman, then yeah, she might be able to come visit you. But the Filipina office lady who lives with her mom, probably not!
  • Asian ladies can visit the UK, USA and other countries if they're travelling as part of an escorted tour. I did in fact meet one Chinese lady in London, because she worked as a tour guide. But these are rare exceptions. In her case, I knew one of her friends, so I knew she was legit.

So don't count on being able to find an Asian lady who can visit your country. Face up to it, if you want an Asian bride who isn't an Asian-American or Asian-Canadian already living in your country, then it's gonna have to be her country, not yours.
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