Airbrushed Photos!

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Airbrushed Photos!

Postby admin » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:25 am

OK, so this isn't a scam, but it can be MISLEADING.

If you're looking at profiles on your average Asian dating site, then watch out for women posting heavily airbrushed photos.

Here are some examples:

30 year old Chinese woman:


48 year old Chinese woman:


26 year old Chinese woman:


So before booking a 10,000Km plane journey to visit an Asian lady, be sure to get some more natural looking snapshots of her! A good idea here is to insist on seeing her on Skype. The webcam isn't very flattering, and if she looks good on a 'cam, she'll look even better IRL.

Don't worry though, ladies don't usually get their hourglass figures photoshopped - they're usually the real thing! And for what it's worth, many of my Chinese gf's have looked way better IRL than in their photoshopped photos.

As to the whole airbrushing thing, it's much more common with Chinese women, or Thai/Filipino women of Chinese descent. It's very much a cultural thing. Heck, one of my Chinese gf's was born in 1979, and even her baby photos were airbrushed [though manually, not with Photoshop]!

Airbrushing is also more common on dating sites that use marriage agencies to supply their ladies. Two examples are LoveMe and Asian Beauties. You'll also find ladies uploading their own studio shots to sites like Chinese Love Links. Most ladies have studio photos taken - these sessions normally cost around $75 for around half a dozen costume changes.

The airbrushing process is most commonly used to remove blemishes and lighten the skin - white skin being HUGELY desirable in China and the rest of Asia. Of course, Western men usually prefer darker skinned ladies, so it's all a bit of a mystery why the ladies upload their China doll photos to Chinese Love Links and other sites :lol: .
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