Fidelity Checking Services... Any Good?

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Fidelity Checking Services... Any Good?

Postby admin » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:44 am

Guys who look for a bride in Asia are often very interested in the idea of so-called fidelity checking services.

Below is some information about such a service. The service operator called Kim left a comment on one of my sites. At first I thought it was just a spam comment, but I thought I'd leave it here for further discussion:

My site is a genuinly attempting to protect people from scams and scammers. It is a new consept. I am asking for any visitors to the site to help with feedback, what's good. what's bad, wording they don't like. Any feedback at all that will help the site work better and save more people losong money to cheats.

Their URL is if you want to check them out for yourselves.

So is it worth using one of these services?

I would always recommend that if you're chatting to a girl who's living in Asia, then she's ALWAYS available to other guys until you make that commitment. It's really unfair to expect a lady to commit to you if you've never met in person, and you can't make that trip to meet her within 3 months.

I spent 6 months living in Bangkok, and let me tell you that attractive ladies are in hot demand there. They're not gonna wait for you forever when there are plenty of foreign guys living there who can hop in a taxi and go take her out to dinner this evening.

If you meet a girl and you think she's The ONE, then move quickly :lol: !

Anyway, if you want signs of infidelity, then beware of ladies who don't reply to your messages straight away. Take it from me, your average Asian lady is glued to her mobile. If she doesn't reply, then maybe she's got other guys on the go. Obviously make allowances for time differences, or if she's working. But it all depends on what her job is. If she works in a store (like a fashion boutique) then she'll have plenty of time to sit around and play with her mobile phone.

If an Asian girl is really into you, then believe me she'll bombard you with messages - you won't have to chase her at all :lol: .

Finally, don't expect too much fidelity from 8's, 9's or 10's. They get a lot of attention! There are plenty of rich dudes in places like Bangkok and Manila these days. You're better off with girl next door types.
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