Beware the Blast From the Past...

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Beware the Blast From the Past...

Postby Felix » Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:35 am

This isn't really a scam. But it's something to be wary of if you're talking to women in dating sites...

A couple of months ago I talked to this woman on Thai Love Links. She posted some pretty sexy photos (big boobs, in a country where they're pretty rare - except on Nana ladyboys :oops: ).

Anyway, I got chatting to her online, and tried to arrange a date via WhatsApp.

However, every time I tried to arrange a date she'd chat for a few minutes then disappear at the crucial stage :twisted: .

Well suffice to say I got pissed off with her and deleted her from my phone.

Or so I thought...

The story continues...

A couple of days ago she came back from the dead (so to speak) and sent me a message on WhatsApp, asking me if I wanted to meet her.

Well I was cautious, but also interested.

Anyway, she lives a long way from where I live in Bangkok, and the topic soon turned to how and where to meet.

She had a few days off from her job and wanted to come and spend time with me.

Well that's fine by me, but I'm always EXCEEDINGLY careful about spending time with a woman I haven't even met. I've had this happen to me before in Thailand - girls wanting to go on holiday with me, or move to Phuket and I have to say... woah there, wait a minute I've not even met you :o !

And then...

So I'm trying to figure out where she can meet me, and she tells me she will come to where I live, and go home again if I don't like her. But the cost will be 1200 baht.

Well anyway, I laughed her out of town. After all the going rate for a freelance lady her age in Nana is around 500-1000 baht, plus I get to choose a really hot one that I know I'll like :lol: .

I'm still not sure what this lady's current story is, but I know her backstory is of a farang marrying her while he's still married to a farang woman back in farangland :o .

But the moral is that if a lady suddenly contacts you after two months, then she doesn't love you. Trust me - Asian ladies are GIGANTICALLY clingy to a man they want to marry :lol: . Date below your potential in Asia and you'll be hounded by women even after you've only dated them once.

So the blast from the past is not really in love with you or anything. But she's had a scroll through her phone book and figures she might be able to get a bit of cash out of you to pay off some debts or just to put some food on the table.

Be careful out there guys :mrgreen: .
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Re: Beware the Blast From the Past...

Postby GeekyGuy » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:33 pm

One thing I've noticed from dating women and ladyboys in Thailand is that a lot of girls you meet once or twice will eventually come and contact you again some months down the line.

I think in a lot of cases it's a case of "well I'm not sure I really liked him at the time, but I'm willing to give him another chance".

I'm not sure if they're worth meeting again or not. But I guess that if you didn't measure up the first time, then you're not going to really measure up again. Unless she's really lowered her standards. But if she has, then what's to stop her raising them again?
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