Fake Photos!

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Fake Photos!

Postby admin » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:09 am

At Asian Love Connections (as well as other dating sites), people upload all sorts of crap.

Asian Love Connections is loss making, so you're a fool if you think I'm gonna work all night for free verifying people's identities. The simple truth is that I have no idea who's really signing up to the dating site.

I do know that plenty of members upload photos that aren't really of them. While I'm getting better at weeding out the Indonesian actresses and American girl next door porn stars like Raven Riley or Kate from Kate's Playground, sometimes people slip through the net. Especially Filipinas using photos of their Facebook friends, or sister, or other relative.

So if you're browsing profiles on Asian Love Connections elsewhere, don't get too seduced by photos. Wait until you see the real girl on webcam, or in real life.

Always insist on a webcam session before falling in love - and be very suspicious of any girl who won't 'cam with you.

Finally, there is a very strong relationship between beauty and scamming activity. The hottest photos are much more likely to be profiles of scammers :twisted: .

Be careful out there guys!

P.S. This is a rather obvious scammer photo upload, in this case it's a photo of Raven Riley:

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