Asian Love Connections Site Issues

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Asian Love Connections Site Issues

Postby admin » Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:20 am

From my mailbox, CS writes:

Sorry but I do not think I will remain in contact with this site.

Firts of all I do not like that the photos are so small. You should find a way to display less profiles on a page but to see them better.
Second, why do you present me persons (and these are the majority) that logged in one year ago? Who cares about these persons? You should filter profiles depending on latest activity

The ideea of the site is great but it functions very disappointing.


Hi C,

In answer to your email:

Yes the photos are small. I'm currently redesigning the site to make the photos bigger. Plus there are a whole load of other improvements. I kind of like how DateInAsia shows you good photos of every lady on the site.

Members are shown partly according to when they've last logged in. Why people don't log in more often, who knows. But what I do know is that most of these ladies will still be single, so send them a message. For what it's worth almost all the ladies I've met (50+ now) are still single. I know because I'm friends with some of them and others I see day in day out on the other dating sites like Chinese Love Links or Thai Love Links.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback which will help make Asian Love Connections a better site. And even if we're a small dating site, remember WE ARE THE ONLY ASIAN DATING SITE RUN BY A GUY WHO IS ACTIVELY SEEKING AN ASIAN WIFE/GIRLFRIEND/WHO KNOWS. So post your questions here, and get them answered by a guy in the field :D .
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